About us

A new dream, a new project born in the city of La Giralda ... Marta y Paula was conceived as the new children's fashion firm that both professionals and end customers have spent so long searching for.

In this way, we are able to fill a specific gap in the market by satisfying the demand for “haute couture” children's fashion designs, but for everyone. At prices easily affordable for any family. Thus, we are able to cater for the needs of an increasingly demanding clientèle who know exactly how they want to dress their children.

Design of children's fashion clothing with a southern identity but open to the world

There is no doubt that the light and joy that characterize Andalusia have always been a great source of inspiration for many artists, just as they are now for our designers.

Designers, pattern makers, seamstresses ... a whole team of professionals with a long history in the textile sector at the service of a new brand that has arrived with strength and, above all, with a markedly personal style. Marta y Paula is much more than a design firm for children's fashion clothing. It is a concept open to the world!

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Our working method is focused from the point of view of a quality children's fashion clothing design, where everything is designed and made in Spain, to always offer the best product to those who trust our brand every day. However, the muses come from any point or moment. We must always be vigilant to offer the best product and service that our clients deserve.

Marta y Paula is a firm highly recognized by professionals in children's fashion, both inside and outside the Spanish borders. Proof of this is that its garments are exported to many countries such as Italy, Portugal, France or the United Kingdom, among others. Along these lines, the Latin American market has also recently opened its doors to our design of children's fashion clothing. The good reception achieved will augur an exceptional future there.

We provide the style and confidence that your children's clothing store needs

We are always next to the children's clothing store that trusts us. We advise and help them in everything that is in our hands and we take note of each and every one of the needs that move us. Although, our objective is none other than your full satisfaction.

To achieve this we always have in mind the values ​​that have brought us here: effort, honesty and commitment. With these pillars always present, we have no goals that we cannot achieve. Thanks to those who have trusted Marta and Paula, as well as the entire team behind them, without you none of this would have been possible. We hope you continue to reward us with your trust!

If you are interested in our collections for your store, do not hesitate to contact us. We are the brand specialized in children's clothing that you have been searching for so long.

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